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What do I do for my first burn?

For your first burn, ensure it lasts 2-4 hours to allow the wax on the surface to completely melt. After this first burn, it is crucial to keep each burn under 4 hours - this will increase longevity and maintain quality! Our wicks will arrive to you at the recommended ¼” length for your first burn.

What are Sherman & Co. candles made of?

We pride ourselves on high quality ingredients. Plant-based sustainable-certified soy wax and essential oils allow us to stand behind our high standards. Our natural cotton wicks are lead and zinc free. All of our candles are topped with pink Himalayan salts - a popular ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine due to its healing abilities.

Why soy wax?

Plant-based waxes are from natural, renewable sources and the preferred choice in the journey toward sustainability. It is clean burning, biodegradable, and non-toxic. Soy wax burns almost twice as long as its petroleum-based competitor, Paraffin Wax. Our soy wax is completely free of animal-derived substances and is not tested on animals. It is also FDA-Approved and Kosher-Certified.

How do I clean my jar to reuse it?

Warm water and soap is all you need! The added bonus of using plant-based ingredients means a quick and easy clean. You can reuse the jar without a lot of steps or time required. Also, by reusing the jar you are continuing its upcycled journey!

What length should I keep my wick?

Keep the wick trimmed at ¼” prior to each burn. This ensures a clean and safe burn every time. Not trimming the wick before each burn results in a larger flame and is potentially hazardous. Make sure to remove the trimmed wick piece(s) from the candle as it could catch on fire.

How do I ensure an even burn? / Why is my candle tunneling?

The first burn is the most important burn to prevent future tunneling. Your initial burn should last anywhere between 2-4 hours (depending on candle size). The goal of this is to make sure the wax on the surface is completely melted. A fully melted surface will prevent tunneling in the future and allow for a clean and even burn every time!